How Free is Our Speech

By Deenugaa 

“Globe Editorial: In Canada, Abortion Is a Right. But so Is Criticizing It.” The Globe and Mail, 19 Jan. 2018,

The main purpose of this article is discussing how Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau perspective on the ongoing debate of abortion is that there shouldn’t be debate at all. Meaning that those who oppose abortion should not have a right to speak on it, stating that it is in the same category of hate-speech. Even though abortion is legal in this country and that regardless of those who oppose it cannot legally stop those in need of an abortion. 

This is significant to my topic because people should be allowed to have their own opinions. However, it depends on how they voice their opinion. 


“Statistics - Abortion in Canada .” Http://, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, 21 Jan. 2018,

The purpose of this source is that it gives insight of the abortion rates throughout the years of 2007-2015. Allowing to go in more depth about the statistics of abortion. 


Turk, James L., and Allan Manson. Free Speech in Fearful Times: after 9/11 in Canada, the U.S., Australia, & Europe. 2007.

Following the events of 9/11 this books shows the perspective how laws were constructed and how it constructed free speech of what could or could not be said. The significance of this book shows the perspective that sometimes laws can harm us more than it is supposed to protect us.  


HOWARD-HASSMANN, RHODA E. “Canadians Discuss Freedom of Speech.” Individual Rights Versus Group Protection, 2000, pp. 109–138., doi:Kluwer Law International.

It focuses on Canada and how free speech is different when talking about an individual compared to a group. There are different persepctives that this article can show the readers


“Freedom of Expression.” Canadian Civil Liberties Association,

Talks more in-depth about free speech and from another perspective, allowing more insight and to other sources where I can look for more information on free-speech in Canada. 


Powers, Lucas. “Criminalizing 'Promotion of Terrorism' Could Put Chill on Freedom of Speech.” CBCnews, CBC/Radio Canada, 30 Jan. 2015,

Another perspective of how our free speech can be limited.



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“We have a right to our speech”


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Or do we?


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Welcome to it’s just a matter of opinion, and the owner of this beautiful voice is yours truly, Deenugaa 


And we’re going to talk about how free our speech is? 

Where is that fine line of your opinion being just your opinion and your opinion falling in the category of hate-speech?


You’re probably thinking um yeah next podcast please


Hold up, it’s interesting because this is a grey area of what can and cannot be said.


Can you imagine yourself just talking to your friend and you are just stating your opinion. Then suddenly you’re slapped with a law saying, “Oh yeah Charles like btw you can’t say that anymore because what you’re saying is a form of hate-speech or going against the Constitution.”


And imagine this happening in Canada, oh yes the beloved country of diversity and that how this will never be an issue because us Canadians just love one another. 


Yeah, no your wrong.


I’ll give you an example, so I’m looking at articles about abortion, to talk about because its been an ongoing debate, and there was this article on The Globe and Mail and the article is focusing on how abortion is a right in Canada, but criticizing it, is also a right. This article talks about how the government gives summer job grants for small business and non-profits. However, one of the MP used the grant to give $50,000 to a group that campaigns against abortion rights.


The article talks about how Mr. Trudeau has concerns about this particular situation, which leads him to state how those who, “have the explicit purpose of limiting and eliminating Charter rights” would not get these summer grants.


And that if these groups, like church camps wanted these grants they would need to check a box stating their “core mandate” respected others right to have an abortion, even though it goes against their belief.


However, in Canada abortion is legal and regardless of those who oppose they cannot legally stop a person from receiving an abortion. Therefore, it does not matter to those who are against abortion because legally they cannot stop it. However, Trudeau does not see that and wants to go the extra mile of silencing certain groups from stating they are against it and want them to comply even though it goes against their beliefs. 


This is the grey area that I discussed because these church groups are simply stating they are against abortions and they can’t change the law. Personally, I would avoid these people because I am for abortions, however I find it extreme to silence or force people to agree to something even though they don’t.


The question is Trudeau right to possibly want these groups to say yes they respect the right of abortion or is he in the wrong. 


Is the opinion of these church groups merely their opinion or does it cross that fine line and it becomes a hate-speech. 


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These are the questions and I will come with the best conclusion I can. So stick with me and like Aaddin I will show you the world of how our truly free we are with our words and show you within the vines how trapped we are with our words.


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And be careful what you say.