Should Abortion be Illegal?


Paperny, M. Anna. “Where in Canada Can You Get an Abortion? It’s secret – for security reasons”. Global News. 9 December, 2015. Retrieved from:


Anna Mehier Paperny discusses the secrecy of abortion and the hardships Doctors face when they are the ones partaking in the procedure. Several doctors who work at women’s clinics are targets and are constantly threatened by those who are against abortions. The conditions in Canada are comparatively much safer, however women and practitioners who speak out about abortions are threatened. Although there are several clinics that are abortion providers, the advertisement of that procedure can bring danger to the hospital or    the clinic. Paperny, also interviews females who have gone through then procedure and the difficulties they face. She also briefly touches on women’s rights, and the entitlement they have to their bodies.


Russel, Andrew. “6 in 10 Canadians Support Abortions Under Any Circumstances: lpsos poll”. Global News. 23 February, 2016. Retrieved from:


Andrew Russel discusses the new LPSOS poll, which shows that 6 out of 10 Canadians are in favour of abortions, and argue that it is a women’s right to make the decision. Russel also touches on the access of abortions clinics, and organizations that are available to females in those positions in Canada. There is also an issue of the safety of those who are involved in such organizations. The article also lists the world’s most permissive nations on abortion amongst Canada. Finally, Russel, discusses the implications that do come with the legalization of abortions, and the stigma attached to it.