Are Men Really Clueless About Sexual Harassment?

Drexler, P. (2017) Are men really clueless about sexual harassment?, CNN.

Peggy Drexler's article delves into the societal impact of men who are included in sexual harassment, specifcally the TimesUp movement, and the role they play as both victim and perpetrator. In terms the male gender,  Drexler explores the idea that men could be programmed by society and it's standards into a rooted sexist perspective and are forcefully ignorant. The idea of 'boys will be boys' is explored in the article as well. It is not blaming men, merely trying to understand the general behaviour of men in situations that call for action against violence, rape and assault. 


Blow, C. (2017) This is a Man Problem. 

Charles M Blow's article is written much like Drexler's, only from the perspective of the male gaze. His article confronts toxic masculinity and it's play in today's world, in terms of rape culture and the responsibility of both men and women. He also talks about society's pressure upon men, without making them the victim or taking away the seriousness of sexual assault survivors and how we, as a group, must recognize that women are not responsible for men's behaviour, despite wearing too little, smiling a lot or being intoxicated.