The Electric Family: Is Technology Negatively Affecting the Household?

Hertlein, Katherine M. “Digital Dwelling: Technology in Couple and Family Relationships.” Family Relations, vol. 61, no. 3, 2012, pp. 374–387.,

This journal article written by Katherine M. Hertlein is a secondary sources that makes use of theories regarding intrafamilial interaction and explores these theories in the context of the post-smartphone age. Hertlein explains how the advancements in commercial technology create a change in how couples and the family interact with each other. The growth of new tech influences the redefinition of boundaries and the new roles that parents must play in ensuring that they can maintain close bonds in the new digital era. This source addresses the main focus of my episode, which is the integration of technology in the household and whether it is a negative factor or not. From this journal, I can grasp an understanding of the changes that technology has on family conventions prior to the digital era.