Pulling back on the Barbaric use of Solitary Confinement

January 23rd 2018

By Duprih R

Bureau of Justice Statistics- Use of Restrictive Housing in U.S Prisons And Jails , 2011-2012


: This site presents statistical data on the percentage of inmates who encounter restrictive housing and the demographics ( gay, black, white, disabled etc.) associated with those who spend time within this aspect of the prison facility. In analyzing the characteristics associated with these inmates people are able to see the connection between the facility and those who are placed within it. Such as; inmates who suffer from mental health, different types of sexuality, how old the inmate is etc. Another important aspect of this article is the length of time that an inmate might spend in restrictive housing and why they are there. Within the prison system certain actions equate to time spent within solitary confinement such as fights ( assaulting another inmate or staff) or rules broken within the facility, on the contrary, some inmates will be in solitary confinement for protection purposes as well, which is something that many prisons offer.