Misogyny Plagues the Frontier of Competitive Esports

Cider, A. (2017, June 28). Why Does Everyone Hate Mercy? – Apple Cider – Medium. Retrieved January 24, 2018, from https://medium.com/@veryapplecider/why-does-everyone-hate-mercy-5888dfcd9aea

Why Does Everyone Hate Mercy? is a primary source created by Apple Cider, a blog poster for the self-publishing website, Medium. Using a combination of interviews and popular forum posts, Cider critically analyzes the issues and misconceptions surrounding women in competitive esports. The main focus of this article is the competitive esport, Overwatch, and the misogyny plaguing it's community.


Mary-Justice, A. (2018, January 24). The Overwatch League Isn't Sexist -- It's Just Easy to Think It Is. Retrieved January 25, 2018, from https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/4057/the-overwatch-league-isnt-sexist-its-just-easy-to-think-it-is

The Overwatch League Isn't Sexist -- It's Just Easy to Think It Is is a secondary source written by Amelia Mary-Justice, an author for the popular gaming news website, InvenGlobal. Attempting to address the recent controversy surrounding the Overwatch League's lack of diversity, Justice points out that it is the prejudiced community, not the OWL itself, that is to blame. Using an assorted array of testimonies by female gamers themselves, Justice helps construct a clearer picture as to why the Overwatch League seems to be dominated by white men.