Racism In America and Its Ignorant Head (Post 2)


Rapaport, Michael. “LeBron James Responds to Donald Trump's Tweet Rescinding Stephen Curry's White House Invite.” Sports Illustrated, 23 Sept. 2017, www.si.com/nba/2017/09/23/lebron-james-respond-donald-trump-stephen-curry-white-house.

Rapaport’s article covers Cleveland Cavalier’s superstar LeBron James and his tweet criticizing President Donald Trump, who withdrew his invitation to the Golden State Warriors who had won the 2017 NBA Finals. Typically a tradition to invite champion teams to the White House, Trump went to Twitter to withdraw his invitation after Warriors star Steph Curry discussed how the team felt uncomfortable going with Trump in office, to which James tweeted “U bum!” and such, referring to Trump.

I believe this piece is important not only to the sports portion, but how this piece highlights a much larger piece of the racial issue in American sports and America. Trump has been known for his racially insensitive comments and views, and having an individual at the helm of a country with such views can encourage said behavior in his subordinates and denizens.


Hannable, Ryan. “Tom Brady on K&C: 'I Certainly Disagree with What [Donald Trump] Said'.” WEEI, 25 Sept. 2017, www.weei.com/blogs/ryan-hannable/tom-brady-kc-i-certainly-disagree-what-donald-trump-said.

Ryan Hannable’s piece discusses President Trump’s comments pertaining to the peaceful protests occurring in the NFL, and Patriot’s QB Tom Brady, who had been known to be friends with Trump, and his comments. Trump had voiced his opinion against the protests and wished NFL owners would fire players that protested, similar to Colin Kaepernick. Brady, however, stood in support of his teammates and colleagues around the league who protested.

This article again reveals a flaw in American society pertaining the American President and racism. President’s Trumps comments set the precedent for future racial input, and discourage activism against it, which I believe is a key flaw in the rise of racism.