What ever happened to Presumption of Innocence? The Killer Patrick's Political Career.

By: Pritam Hooda

DiManno, Rosie. “I Don't Care If Patrick Brown Was a Randy Womanizer.” Thestar.com, Toronto Star, 26 Jan. 2018, www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2018/01/26/i-dont-care-if-patrick-brown-was-a-randy-womanizer.html.

DiManno is entirely critical of the situation, events and action of party members and media, surrounding Patrick Brown's resignation after the Sexual Misconduct allegations surfaced. she brings up the idea that the allegations lack any form of evidence of harassment or assault, based entirely on what the women themselves had said in the interview with CTV Broadcast. what she calls a "sketchy narrative" as the party not only unanimously elected Vic Fedeli, and no one dared defend Brown while the existence of any evidence against him is not.

It becomes difficult to read the argument she is setting up under all the passive-aggressiveness, but it seems she is suggesting that the allegations are more political than they may seem, and somebody is intend on destroying a man's career by use the #MeToo movement as a bludgeoning weapon. or the idea that because of a few bad eggs in Hollywood, there is no longer any presumption of Innocence or Due process.        

Burman, Tony. “In Davos, Who Can You Trust?” Thestar.com, Toronto Star, 27 Jan. 2018, www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2018/01/27/in-davos-who-can-you-trust.html.

This article might seem a little bit broad in comparison to the previous entry, Bruman take the data published by the Edelman Trust Barometer to conclude that the public's trust in the government is in decline. only 1/3 of american trust the government to do "the right thing," which is 14% less than last year. The informed pubic: those between the ages of 25-64, with post secondary education, and are avid consumers of news outlets, and their trust in the government has dropped 30% since last year. Trust in social media outlets is in decline, while "respected" journalism is gained trust. with that said, however, the article also touches on the idea that it is becoming more and more difficult to determine what is and is not a respected news source. And finally, there is the rise of trust in the government in countries like China: which saw a rise of 71%, and India, Indonesia, and the U.A.E. 

I don't really understand how these studies were done, or how you could assign a percentage to the abstract notion of trust, regardless these results, specifically the one regarding the loss of trust in social media, point towards the effect of Fake News. the growing distrust of the media and the govermnet, might have contributed to the controvorsey surounding Partick Brown.