One blog post per episode!

If you're working in a group to produce one episode, please collaborate on a single episode-related blog post.

Each episode blog post will feature:

  • an annotated list of consulted resources (two per week starting in week 2)
  • an Episode pitch recording (uploaded in week 4 of the course)
  • a draft episode outline

See the detailed assignment descriptions document for further details.

As this is an online blog, feel free to use (copyright-free!) images, hyperlinks, and professional non-academic style and tone. 


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Stephanie Bell

Dr. Bell is the Associate Director of York University's Writing Centre and an Assistant Professor in the Writing Department's Professional Writing degree program. She spends her time devising ways of using critical pedagogy to support students' understanding of and commitment to academic and professional integrity. The podcast course is a result (and continuation) of one such experiment.