Episode Pitch - Political Correctness in Fiction

The subject or opinion piece selected for this episode pitch is political correctness in fiction, as you all know, fiction is a very broad genre, and for the purposes of this pitch... I will consider two cult classic icons, James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. I will also consider the newest Ghostbusters and compare it to the original 1984 release of the same name to establish a reasonable connection to show how political correctness has evolved over time, and what the sociological impacts could be in today's world. Why is this topic interesting? Who should care? Well, these are good questions and let us weigh the logistics.... Are you an adherent to an established franchise? For example, you may enjoy the superhero genre, in particular, let us assume you like Spider-Man, how would you feel, especially knowing from the source material, that your childhood hero, is going to be radically affected by political correctness? As a fan of Spider-Man, I can certainly attest to the fact that I would be very disappointed, and even angry with the decision to alter him in such a way, that he becomes wholly unrecognizable. Alright, so suppose you don't like superheroes, have you read Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? Game of Thrones? How would any of you feel, if a decision resulted in your favourite franchise being made politically correct to satisfy a demographic of people? Would you not feel a tremor of rage? I believe that politically correcting franchises with the times, sullies authorial intentions, unless, the author or the creator of said franchise, gives permission to change their characters' likeness and personalities. This topic pertains geographically to North America, more so than Europe or other parts of the world, for the simple reason being that both the U.S and Canada cater to different cultures.