Episode Pitch (RE-UPLOAD)

For my podcast episode, I would like to discuss Racism and its systemic infection of today’s society, this being mainly based off of the leadership present in America. However, it is not limited to Americans alone.

An article posted in the New York Times by David Leonhardt and Ian Prasad Philbrick discussed Donald Trump’s history of racism and his unquestionable bias towards minority groups, compiling the numerous times he has showcased these traits in the past and recent memory.

Trump’s favoritism of members of the American population that are Caucasian along with his recently more prominent distaste for dark-skinned minority groups, which results in but is not limited to the outright slandering of these groups, is shown on full display. Likewise, Trump has supported and associated himself with groups who would take pride in their racist stances, like the KKK and others.

Now why is all of this important? Surely the general population is aware of Trump’s character. But the question people seem to ask and not know the answer to is “How did this happen?” and “How did the world end up like this?”.

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump’s status as the President paved way for racism to be more socially accepted within realms of society today. When there are people in positions of power who support or are vocal about certain viewpoints, good or bad, it gives the individuals underneath them the “green-light” to express similar mindsets. If you have Donald Trump in office, and he’s a blatant racist, then the people who hear him and his message will assume “Hey, our President’s a racist, it must be okay for me to be a racist now”. So basically, having people in positions of authority and their views have a direct relation to the views and practices of their subjects, so to speak.

Now the flip side of this argument is that it’s not the leaders that give rise to the mob mentality that exists, but question the opposite actually. It is the pervasiveness of racism and bias in today’s world that allows people, individuals like Donald Trump to rise in status and leadership, because they have the support of people who think just like them. If this is the case, which is surely possible, then there must be a reasoning rooted deep within today’s society, and understanding this is likely key to undoing the progression of racism today, one of the most troubling issues present.

To better understand the dynamic of racism and bias in today’s world, I plan on interviewing individuals of various religions, race, and ethnicity to see how they view this situation. Of course, I understand that racism is much more prevalent in America than it is Canada, but racism is all around us. It is important to understand the different viewpoints of all groups available to see how racism has taken form today.

In my podcast, I will discuss the concept of racism, the different avenues and ways it presents itself in society, and how it’s presence in today’s life became to be. In doing so, I will also look into individuals like Donald Trump and others to see how they have affected the presence of racism and why they have effected it in such a way.