Why we need resources for mental health.

Abdelmahmoud, Elamin. “I Sure As Hell Wouldn’t Want To Be A Student Now: An Open Letter To Margaret Wente.”Chatelaine, 2017. http://www.chatelaine.com/opinion/campus-mental-health/. February 10, 2018.


This article written by Elamin Abdelmahmoud comes from the perspective of a university instructor responding to Wente’s opinion.  She emphasizes that the students actually have much resiliency and that universities aren’t doing enough fo those struggling.  Abdelmahmoud also says “I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a student now.”  She says this as she brings up the point that university students these days have an extremely competitive job market to look forward to when the graduate, and that contributes very much to their stress.  This is significant particularly about this point as it offers another perspective as to why university students are struggling.  It is especially helpful that I get a perspective from a university instructor who is dealing with these students and they can give their own personal accounts of the situation.



Findlay, Leanne. “Depression and suicidal ideation among Canadians aged 15-24.” Statistics Canada. 2017. http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/82-003-x/2017001/article/14697-eng.htm. February 10, 2018


This article gives statistics on the mental health of youth in Canada.  It states that youth aged 15-24 had the poorest mental health of all age groups.  The article also states that school is a major source of stress for students.  Having this information in my podcast will help give some context on the subject.  It emphasizes that youth in Canada are indeed struggling and that there needs to be action to take place to make improvements for the youth.  Even though Wente would argue otherwise this information is important to have because it enforces the perspective that Wente’s argument might not be correct.