Bib: The Sources of Racism - Ignorance and Slavery

Strange, Nyjah. “Ignorance Vs. Racism: A Disease In America.” The Odyssey Online, Odyssey, 31 Aug. 2017,

Nyjah Strange’s article discusses the difference between racism and ignorance in America, and how often people intertwine the two. Ignorance, being the lack of knowledge on a particular topic, and racism, which is the “educated” belief that one’s race is better or lesser than another’s, and is hatred based.

This short piece discusses a very important issue which is not addresses often when discussing racism, which is the education process. It is important to educate the population on the rights and wrongs of the world, and to not strictly ridicule and isolate those who simply do not know any better.


Loewen, James W. “What Learning About Slavery Can Teach Us About Ourselves.” Teaching Tolerance, 31 Jan. 2018,

Loewen’s piece discusses the relation of slavery and racism in past and today’s teachings, noting the potential complications of teaching it today but noting that it is imperative that we learn about slavery to understand ourselves and racism today. According to Loewen, slavery has influenced many aspects of our modern lives, and ultimately gave rise to racism in form.

I agree with Loewen in regards to the relevance of slavery to racism. A common question asked about racism is how it occurred and what gave rise to its strong root in society. Racism which was legally implemented to allow people of power to dominate and own minorities, and all its principles, are the roots of racism in its pure form, and understanding it is key to understanding racism.