Franchise Filmmaking Bibliography (Week 6)

Jess-Cooke, Carolyn. Film Sequels : Theory and Practice from Hollywood to Bollywood, Edinburgh University Press, 2009. ProQuest Ebook Central. (Scholarly Journal Article)

Currently crawling into universal cinemas and  film festivals, the sequel will be persistently utilized as a vehicle to culturally diverse dialog. Also it is an important illustration, a structure by which memories and also social narratives can be made to flow cross-land over geological chronicled areas. This book's ideas should represent some of the real incredulous contexts inside which sequelisation works by exploring sequel preparation past film industry figures. 

Evers, Kevin. “Hollywood's Obsession with Blockbusters.” Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Review, 31 July 2014,

As concerned illustration studios get fixated on building multimovie establishments with those essential plots, unsophisticated dialogue and well-known characters that pique the interest principally of adolescent young men and foreigners, they’re subsidizing fewer dramatizations and comedies than they once did. The industry’s most rich and inventive periods weren’t determined from blockbusters; they were made by aspiring creative minds who had the plans and also the budget to help the art of cinema by contributing new styles and unique systems independent of the motion picture standard.