Why we need resources for mental health.

“Margaret Wente.” The Globe and Mail, https://www.theglobeandmail.com/authors/margaret-wente/ February 25, 2018.


This is a short profile on Margaret Wente that tells the history of her career.  It states that she is an award-winning columnist who has a history in editing.  She also has an MA in English and has won many journalism awards.  I think that this information is important because having more context on who the author for the opinion piece is.  When presenting the opinion piece in my podcast I think that it is essential to have a short description on the author because some listeners might not know who Margaret Wente is.


Pardy, Bruce. “Head Starts and Extra Time: Academic Accomodation on Post-secondary Exams and Assignments for Students with Cognitive and Mental Disabilities.” 25 Education and Law Journal 191. 2016. https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=258105111101104113124120002026106088038002035054002027096002014102000114002124085071043103049011103001110086098019021120106094058017008015072091006104075127001038092042101001089098116103068121126004108075000067020114116005099126112069005080126089&EXT=pdf. February 25, 2018.


This article, which was hyperlinked in Wente’s opinion piece, supports her opinion.  It states that exams and assignments are actually competitions where students battle to determine who is the best among them.  Author Bruce Pardy believes that giving accommodations to some students and not others is actually very unfair.  I wanted to include this piece in my research because I wanted to see where Wente got her information from for her opinion.  I think that having this context helps me to understand her perspective more.  Also, it will be good information for listeners to have so that they can form their own well educated opinions.