Should people change themselves or their habits when searching for potential life partners

Haseltine Ph.D., E. (2018). How to Find a Husband if You Only Have 60 Seconds. [online] Psychology Today. Available at:  [Accessed 29 Jan. 2018].


The How to Find a Husband if You Only Have 60 Seconds article on Psychology Today website is all about how when looking for a life partner we can judge a book by its cover. Haseltine Ph.D., E. says we can do this in 60 seconds because Statistics show a positive correlation between intelligence and physical characteristics like; Hairiness, nearsightedness, head shape and height. He says that this can help give shallow insight on the person, but it won’t go deeper than that. I included this article because I wanted the single ladies who may not yet been married to maybe understand that if the method of how they chose their partner is similar to this it could be a possible reason why they aren’t married yet.


Anderson, L. (2018). Finding a Great Husband Doesn't Just "Happen". [online] Today's Christian Woman. Available at:  [Accessed 29 Jan. 2018].

This source is about the five things the author wished her mother told her about dating and preparing for marriage. Women hope to just get married and expect for it to just happen and when it doesn’t they wonder whether it will happen. Left to wonder whether they are physically or mentally unattractive or not and are left looking back at their past mistakes they’ve made. I included this article because I wanted people to understand that marriage isn’t just some magical thing that just happens, sometimes if you don’t put in the work you can end up stuck in the same spot.



Episode Pitch


This episode will be responding to the article written by Shenequa Golding on the topic titled, Ciara ticks off single twitter with Instagram post urging women to ‘level up’. Ciara made the trending list when she went onto her Instagram to post a clip from pastor John Gray, where he tells women what they should do to find a husband. The video clip led people, single women in general to feel like she was blaming them for being single because they were only settling to be ‘the girlfriend’. People were confused on how a single man has the right to tell woman how they can get a husband. Ciara going from failed relationship to failed relationship to being newly married and happy wanted to help others out there searching for the same happiness but may have gone about it the wrong way.

 There was betrayal felt by fans who were hurt by her words, maybe because what she said was true or partly true. Others supported her claim and took it for common sense. Should single people have an opinion on why other’s relationships aren’t working? What is the proper way of upgrading from girlfriend to wife? Should there be rules or requirements for women to be a wife? Should there be requirements for men? Unfortunately for women who want to get married but can’t, it could be that their partner just isn’t ready to either settle down or they see marriage as being tied down or a way of control.