By: Avani Malik

Criminals have, and always will be bad people in societies eyes. However, there are some people out there who sympathize with some criminals, and look past their record. Some even go to the extent of falling in love with a criminal, more specifically murderers.  


The article I will be responding to is by The New York Times called “Sympathy for the Devil”. written by Jeff Lindsay, who is the author of the book series Dexter. Lindsay mentions how some people have sympathy for Dexter, who is a serial killer, but only kills the guilty. It is interesting to see how people understand why Dexter murders people, and why they might sympathize with him. I realized that some people sugarcoat the idea, because it makes it “okay” for them to like Dexter. “Oh he kills the bad guys, which means he’s good right?”


Touching more on this, Ryan Bergeron talks about Sheila Isenberg’s book, “Women who Love Men who Kill” in his article called “Killer Love: Why People Fall in Love with Murderers” Bergeron says that Isenberg has spoken to a dozen women who were in relationships with men who are in jail. Isenberg mentions that she came to two types of conclusions when it comes to women who were in relationships with criminals; they either like the attention, meaning they want to be plastered all over the news and social media, or they have been in a abusive relationship before, or have had an abusive childhood. So being in a relationship with someone behind bars, makes them feel in control of their life, since the men can’t physically hurt them.


I can see that Talking about this topic can be a little disagreeing for some, since society looks at murderers as people who deserve life in prison. The people who sympathize with criminals tend to look past that.


They want to show the good in them, they want to show the world that they’re more than just someone in jail, and that they deserve a life too. Well, should we agree with them? Should society normalize the idea of women being in love with a murderer?


Do we say it’s okay to be in love with a criminal? Or should society turn their backs on people who are involved with them? Do you think people who have a relationship with criminals are emotionally unstable? Or do they just like the rush? Why is it so abnormal to be in love with a criminal? Are they not people too?