Solitary confinement- Pitch Podcast by Jennifer and Duprih

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Duprih: Among inmates who had spent 30 or more days in solitary confinement within the last 12 months or since coming to any prison or jail facility, 54% of those in prison and 68% of those in jail had been in a fight or had been written up for assaulting other inmates or staff. 

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Jennifer: Hi, Im Jennifer 

Duprih : and im duprih 

Jennifer: in this podcast we will discuss, solitary confinement in Canada. And how the treatment of inmates within this program has been detrimental to their overall well-being. 

Duprih: This extremely relevant topic open up the conversation regarding humane and inhumane treatment towards human being. 

Duprih: In many places around the world people are fighting for rights to a safe environment and the right to life.  

Jennifer & Duprih: How we treat those who are in rehabilitation is a depiction of our humanity.  

Jennifer: Furthermore, in our podcast we will be responding to an opinion piece written by the editorial board for the Sunday review, dated 2017, which expands upon the justice department banding solitary confinement for young people In federal prisons 

Duprih: This article discuses an important topic around whether or not solitary confinement is inhumane, and if so why are adults still spending extended amounts of time in solitary confinement.  

Duprih: How can solitary confinement be suitable for adults yet; young people are exempt?  

Jennifer: Well we are here to find out! 

Duprih: Many people would think keeping a human being caged up for 23 hours a day, is a mind-blowing concept. Others believe that this is the best way to correct and rehabilitate inmates who commit crimes. 

Jennifer: We believe that this is not the right method to correct any sort of behavior. Matter of fact, as our research will show, only begets more violence, mental health issues and certainly doesn’t correct the negative behaviors of the past.