Franchise Film-making Bibliography (Week 4)

Franich, Darren. “Entertainment Geekly: How pro-Franchise optimism is changing Hollywood's approach to sequels.”,

Perhaps these new motion pictures will be great. I trust so; we won't know until the point when they're out. In any case, what's intriguing is the manner by which we discuss them, as a motion picture going society. Or on the other hand a trailer-watching society, or a fan culture, or a GIF culture.

Bernardin, Marc. “The 25 most powerful film franchises in Hollywood ... and why they matter more than movie stars.” Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times,

On the off chance that characters are the new film stars, at that point the franchise is the new coin of the Hollywood domain. Motion picture studios live or die based on the incredible  number of establishments — associated universes, continuation stories, spin off machines — they have in their possession. (This article contains Statistical Data of Popular Film Franchises)