I Can't Even: Millennials and Offense

 “Millennials. Stop Being Offended By, Like, Literally Everything. This is the name of an article by Eleanor Halls. She argues about exactly that: how we need to stop being so offended by everything. It’s to the point where it is borderline censorship. Unsurprisingly, as I read through this, I could not help but to feel the very offense she was writing about.

I am a millennial. I’m 24-years-old. Depending on what source is consulted, I was born in the youngest year of that generation. When picturing a millennial, it’s a teenager with a smartphone, earphones in ear listening to blasting music, characterized by hypersensitivities, trends and a strong commitment to social justice. Surprisingly, this millennial could also be a well established adult nearing 40. This, clearly, is a wide discrepancy.

My Episode topic is going to focus on millennials, or the ‘snowflake generation’ as we’re dubbed, and offense. Are we simply too snowflakey to endure the harshness of the world? Do we just need to get an “icier grip” as Halls argues? Or are those from prior generations lacking in the very characteristics we demonstrate which has allowed us to interact with the world in a brand new way?

Millennials, naturally, are impacted by this. But more importantly, who IS a millennial, exactly? Included in this spectrum are those who might not consider themselves to not be millennials. So let's get this straightened out once and for all.