What is art bibliography

Opinion, Lorrie Drennan in Misc > Art. Yes, I am an Artist (Despite what a few may think), emptyeasel.com/2011/10/21/yes-i-am-an-artist-despite-what-a-few-may-think/.

The website is an art website, which holds everything under the sun you need about art. It has option articles, tutorials, products etc. Another one of the main points of this website is to share and create art. This article is a direct response to the main piece i am using called "yes, i am an artist". It is a popular article discussing why her art is valid for all of the reasons the original says she isn't. 

Suhr, H. Cecilia. Online evaluation of creativity and the arts. Routledge, 2015.

This source is from the york u library website therefore it is a reliable source. It is called Online evaluation of creativity and arts. It is about the influence social media has had on art and creativity. This includes new art forms that are created because of these new forums have appeared as a new platform for artists. This will be good for my pitch because it explores the birth of art even in todays world, and how the definition is changing by day. It looks at a new world of art than the ones traditionally looked at in the art community.

Diffey, T. J. Tolstoy's "What Is Art". London ; Dover, N.H.: Croom Helm, 1985.

Also found from the York university website, a university library archives are reliable. This book explores the definition of art from this  authors perspective. He talks about what makes art art, and the intentions behind it. This is helps my pitch because it has one persons respected, and culturally different opinion to myself, and those around me .