Brock Turner: Ex Standford Swimmer

Stanford University. A prestigious academy, known for its top tier students, tough admission requirements and athletes. Yes, athletes. In particular, an ex-Stanford swimmer named Brock Turner. At least, that’s what most of the headlines call him. A ex standford swimmer instead of referring to him by what he is. A convicted rapist.

Brock Turner gained headlines in 2015 when he was caught sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at a frat party. Pretty brutal. Even more brutal was reading the letter the victim wrote to Brock Turner as her testimony. She poured her heart and soul out into the letter, bringing us as readers through a tribal time in her life, as the victim of an assault. There was no denying Turner was the perpetrator. He was caught red-handed by two pedestrians, who called the police and had him arrested. Only problem? This ex Standford swimmer got sentenced to six months of jail time. Ridiculous, right? Not as ridiculous as him only serving three. The impact of Turner’s case goes beyond just the victim. It is a horror story for students, such as ourselves, and our safety within the York community. It sheds light on campus assault and blaming the victim in a university setting.

My proposal is this. Instead of reading off an article describing the horrible effects of what Turner did, and the failed justice system in terms of the Emily Doe, I am going to be discussing an article written by an anonymous male source for the website Medium. The title of the piece reads THE UNPOPULAR PIECE ON BROKE TURNER…so you know it’s going to be good. My podcast will focus on the distinct defence of Turner that is written in this article, and how an article like this can damage a victim’s progress. I will delve deeper into why men (even anonymous ones) don’t seem to completely understand rape culture as a whole and use examples from Turner’s friends and family as they had a huge role in his defence hearing. My goal is to spread awareness, and to earn just a little justice for victims.