A Podcast by from scratch media

A Podcast by from scratch media


A Matter of Opinion is the newest From Scratch Media podcast exploring perspective, opinion, and truth. Each episode responds to a published opinion piece in an American or Canadian newspaper or magazine with fact checking, overlooked perspectives, and expert voices along with advice for how to wade through today’s media landscape with a critical eye.

We’re empowering listeners in a world of fake news.

Check out our behind the scenes blog! See our episode pitches, annotated list of consulted resources, and draft episode outlines. Featured episodes from our production of A Matter of Opinion to come April 2019!

Sample Episode Pitch

Access the transcript here.

Music: bensound.com

Revised Sample Episode Pitch!

Access the transcript here.

Music: bensound.com


Creating coherence across our episodes both with the theme of “opinion” and with a common soundscape (a la Science Vs.). This soundscape will be built into our show intro, and you’ll be encouraged to try to use it in episode transitions and conclusions, etc. Review the options below and VOTE for your favourite in week 10. Want to add an optional soundscape? Email Stephanie first to get her initial approval and go-ahead to add a contender. Advice: imagine this soundscape paired with both lighter and darker, more serious topics. A good soundscape will work with both.


In the past, we’ve used pre-recorded intros. This year I’d like to try using a common script, but having each of us deliver it in our own voices in our episode. We will vote on the script in week 10.

A. Modelled after Science Vs: Hi, I’m [your name] and this is A Matter of Opinion from From Scratch Media. This is the show that pits opinion against [your topic].

B. Modelled after Freakonomics: [long-ish music from soundscape track] From From Scratch Media, this is A Matter of Opinion, the podcast that takes opinion to task. I’m [your name]…

C. Modelled after 99% Invisible: This is A Matter of Opinion, I’m [your name]. brief music from soundscape that runs under first part of the intro segment.

D. Modelled after How Sound: From Scratch Media this is A Matter of Opinion, your guide through opinion to the facts. I’m [your name].