Phase One

Hello everyone!

I am Kate Lawrence; an 18 year old from Winnipeg, Manitoba! My interests include dance, modelling, and pageantry. I am the current Miss Teenage Canada, and Miss Teen Supermodel.

Another interest I have is travel. I had the opportunity to travel to Curacao as Miss Teenage Canada this past November, to learn more about water and conservation. I have had the privilege to travel all across Canada (even up North to Nunavut.) I enjoy travel because I always learn new things about different cultures, as well as history.

I also love poetry. My favourite poet is Rupi Kaur, famous for her collections called “Milk and Honey” and “The Sun and her Flowers.” I love poetry because in a short phrase it can make you feel something, and you can always leave it and come back to it.

I am feeling super excited yet nervous for this course as I am still very new to university, and on the younger side of the age average of students enrolled. That being said I am ready to work hard and learn lots. I believe all students should be learning different research techniques and challenging themselves to put that edge on their work.

A shortcut research tactic would simply be searching up something on google. It is most often the first place people go, just by picking up the cellphone your there. To follow this people will look at the first site that comes up in the search results. Of course google is helpful and a great shortcut to rummaging through shelves of books, but this is often where people stop when gathering information. Googling something is easy, and it is always right at your fingertips, but the research shouldn’t stop here. There is a whole other world of information out there beyond google, in forms such as print and books.

In conclusion, I am eager to learn more and continue to develop my research skills! Bye for now!

xox Kate

What is opinion? What is fact? How can you tell the difference between the two? 

An opinion is a view or judgement of something, not necessarily based on fact. Fact on the other hand is something that has been proven, and is widely accepted. A matter of opinion can not be proven, it is simply just ones idea. For something to be fact it needs to be justified and proven. An example of an opinion its that Starbucks has the best coffee. This is an opinion as it can not be proven (because everyone knows second cup has the best coffee…) which is also an opinion that keeps the coffee wars going forever. 


A fact becomes a fact through evidence. The more evidence and proof that can back up a statement the more it will be accepted. You need to justify true belief. A belief is accepting something to be true, usually with little to no evidence. To make something accepted as fact by a wide range of people you must justify the belief. 

For example some people believe the word is flat while others believe the world is round. You can justify that the world is round through the science and satellite photos, while the earth being flat can not be justified, except for people making up conspiracies, so do not be fooled by people posting conspiracy threads on twitter y’all. If you can provide evidence, and prove that evidence is based in reality, then an opinion becomes a fact, often there must be science to backup a statement. 

While researching to tell the difference between a fact and opinion look for the use of “I” as that will indicate someones opinion. Also look for evidence and sources to back it up. Be careful and do your research! 

Until next Friday! 

With love, Kate