Phase One: To Give You An Introduction....

Hello Everyone,

My name is Walter Pelaez, I am 18, and am a first year student at the university and I major in history. What brought me into history in the first place comes from my childhood passion in that field of study. Studying the way past events unfolded and the people that were a part of them, in a way, brings the past alive for me. I can learn so much from the past mistakes and successes that the world endured in the centuries and even millennia before my birth, the lessons I learned from studying history has really shaped a part of my character. Besides history, I am huge on video games . I have owned all of the playstation consoles and I am a little proud about it, I even wanted to start my own YouTube channel at one point but that idea died because I got busy with other matters.

Now on the topic of this course, this course was not an easy decision for me back when I was setting up my course timetable. I was skeptical because I didn’t really know what I could get out of a “research” course, however, I soon changed my mind because I realized that this course could prove beneficial to improving my academic skills. The first day in lecture almost sold me completely on the course but, I was still feeling uneasy because this is my first and only half year course and I had already befriended others in my full-year courses. so I felt like a complete stranger. Fortunatley, the tutorial completely soothed my concerns as it was a pretty fun environment . Looking forward, I am definitely excited for the podcast component of this course because it sounds like an absolute great time to put together, these blogs also are pretty interesting to create so that’s another benefit in this course.

Lastly, there is the subject of research tactics. One common thing I saw in high school surprisingly is that people repeatedly fell on to Wikipedia for research purposes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the website as it is full of information and I scroll through it sometimes to read about history, and their historical content is astronomical. The ultimate folly of the website in the end is that there is no credible author on these posts for the most part, some people could just be going off of information they got from non-credible sources. With this is mind, many of my teachers in Secondary school rejected many papers that listed Wikipedia as a source repeatedly as it is simply unreliable. I will say though that the website is not all bad, on each Wikipedia post it should let you know where their sources are coming from so you can go directly to those sources and use them if they are credible . If the sources are not valid than that is unfortunate, but if they are valid than take research from that specific source and use it on whatever project that you may be working on. I have done the before myself and it worked out pretty well for me , all I had to do was go the extra mile to retrieve those sources.

Overall, I am definitely intrigued in this course and am hopeful to get to know the rest of you.

From Walter Pelaez