In this week’s entry, I’m going to be talking about the nature of an opinion. What makes an opinion right? Who decides whose opinions are the most valuable? How do some opinions become facts? All these questions can be posed upon any opinion and can change the validity of using an opinion as proper evidence towards certain topics.

Opinions are an extremely slippery slope to base any evidence on. Opinions usually come from personal experiences, which can vary from person to person. So now the ultimate question is, whose personal experiences are the “right” ones. Usually, the more “credible” opinions are those of professors, critics and some sort of scientists however, they are only human too. Humans are able to make mistakes therefore, I believe that taking one persons opinion based on experience MUST have plausible evidence behind it in order to consider it credible and the “right” opinion.

Opinions can only become facts with research backing them up. A person cannot just experience something and then believe that it is the truth of the matter. There are multiple sides to one experience or story, a minimum of two, so an opinion of an experience alone cannot be a “right” opinion. Some people or celebrities may be more well known throughout the globe, however that alone does make them more credible. Popularity does not make one person’s opinion any more valuable than someone of the middle or lower class.


My name is Nicole Bednarski and I’m a first year at York University. Some of my interests include: singing, writing, playing piano and spending time with friends and family. I have been playing piano since the age of five and started singing the following year. I feel pretty confident going into this course as I enjoy using and am familiar with recording softwares and recording different types of scripts. I am a little uneasy about the actual research and the fact that we will not be able to change our minds after we choose a topic; however I am sure the final end result will prove worth all the steps we need to complete.

A research tactic that I find helpful that university students use is the York U online database. There are many scholarly sources that are academic pieces of writing and vital information to use. These are approved essays and hold viable information for student use. This database is helpful for students because it is paid information by the university, therefore not costing us a dime like most scholarly websites are.

I believe a research tactic that university students use that may be limiting is only using online sources. There is an entire library with scholarly sources that students are able to use for their research however, as students do not know how to utilize this resource, they are limited to only using google or other search engines. These do not always provide scholarly sources and may hinder the assignment’s validity.