Phase One

Week 2: A Matter of Opinion

I don’t think knowledge is simply a matter of opinion. However, I do think there is a subjectivity to everyone’s perception of knowledge. Knowledge is based on justifiable facts, but the way we understand these facts can be influenced by our personal beliefs, experiences, and biases.

In “Philosophy is Just a Matter of Opinion?” we read about opinions becoming facts (or knowledge). Michael LaBossiere writes: “ an opinion is also typically taken as an unsupported opinion. That is, a belief that is not backed up with reasons or evidence. An opinion can become a fact-a belief that is adequately backed up by evidence or reasons.” Clearly, evidence is an important part of turning anything into knowledge that is justifiable in reality, despite differing realities of individuals.

Overall, I do not believer that knowledge is simply a matter of opinion, but I can understand how opinions clouds our knowledge and lead us to misunderstanding or misinterpreting facts to the point that they are no longer justified.

Week 1: Introduction

Hello! My name’s Emily and I am a third year Professional Writing student. I love writing poetry and creative non-fiction, and recently have come to enjoy editing as well. I am feeling both excited and skeptical about the course project. I am excited to discuss an opinion piece and voice my own opinion, but skeptical because of the podcast style. I am not used to writing for this medium, nor have I ever listened to a podcast. However, I do think that it’s important to write in ways you’re not necessarily passionate about to expand your limits.

I think a research shortcut may be to look through Wikipedia or very “surface level” websites and making inferences from that, rather than doing in depth research. This tactic is only helpful in regard to the speed of the research, but it is ultimately limiting because the necessary and intriguing information is bound to be left out.

Emily Norton