Hi all!

To keep things simple, we are creating and updating THREE blog posts each.

  1. The first blog post, titled PHASE ONE, will contain entries from weeks 1 through 4.

  2. The second blog post, titled PHASE TWO, will contain entries from weeks 5 through 8.

  3. The third blog post, titled PHASE THREE, will contain entries from weeks 9 through 12.

You’ll use headers to separate weekly entries as you edit & update the blog posts you’re working on.

Note that this assignment is worth a hefty amount of your course grade. Treat each blog post seriously. While your tone can stray from formal here and there, your posts should be thoughtful, well researched, and carefully considered.

While your TA will be checking for weekly blog post completion, they will be grading for substance after each blog is complete (week 4, week 8, week 12).

Formatting instructions, the schedule of prompts, and assessment information is available here.

Dr Bell

Dr. Bell is the Director of York University's Writing Centre and a professor in the Writing Department's Professional Writing degree program. She spends her time devising ways of using critical pedagogy to support students' understanding of and commitment to academic and professional integrity. The podcast course is a result (and continuation) of one such experiment.