Hello, guys, I am Zheng Gong, third year film study student. I am a basketball fan, love playing and watching basketball. However, since I am an international student, after I come to Canada, it’s bit hard to involve myself in a team that can play together. The reason could be culture gap, busy studying. So, recently, I find myself gradually lost passion in basketball. I try to explore other sports such as swimming.

I really want to have fun with this course, and express the podcast with my own words. Sometimes, i just too serious with my essay, and i am afraid my words would be inaccurate. Last semester, one of my TA commented on my essay that I just stitch and paste other peoples’ words without my own words. This semester, I WANNA BE CHILL AND RELAXED TO EXPRESS MY WORDS.

A research shortcut for me is to borrow books such as “they say i say“, “fit to print“, or go to writing center to learn and ask how to do the research. But as I said, I am bit too serious and tight in my assignment, so, It’s better to express idea around interests in various media format, rather than lifeless paper essay. I still remember in my first year course “Making media“ , I used final cut pro, an editing software to create a video essay in the topic of sexuality in Japanese new wave film. Although I didn’t know how to narrow down the topic, or use articles as reference, I excitedly spent at least 20 hours for that project. Just feel great to engage my interest in my own words!

Hope I can find the way to avoid lifelessness in the podcast