Phase One

(Week 2) Based on this week’s lecture and in the videos shown both in class and on the blog schedule. A key aspect of an opinion is that it is more or less based on personal emotions/beliefs, is open to interpretation and cannot be confirmed to be the fact. Your own view or belief that. Using the Starbucks example that was presented in class, the statement that “Starbucks is ethically produced” is something that is not based on fact, with possible evidence to reject that claim. Whereas the matter of opinion is something relative and cannot be proven either way.  Harkening back to the lecture’s Starbucks example, statements such as “Starbucks coffee has the best taste” cannot be proven either right or wrong, as it is entirely subjective to a person. 

   So, with all this being said, is it possible to assert that all knowledge is simply a matter of opinion? I would say no, not necessarily. Knowledge is based on true facts and research. If knowledge were a matter of opinion, then it would all become too subjective and could perhaps lead into confirmation biases. Also taking into consideration that knowledge would then become something that cannot be proven either way, therefore a person’s understanding of say physics for example would not be based on actual facts and research to prove that they are correct. Justified true belief could also become skewed through a person’s own subjectivity, as what they believe to be the truth is no longer based on evidence to support that belief.

(Week 1) Hey everyone, my name is Mark Chinapen and I’m a fourth year film studies student here at York U! My hobbies include things such as videography/photography, writing about films and music, gaming from time to time and spending time with friends and family. I’m feeling pretty excited about the course project for this term, the idea of a podcast ( as well as the concept of the course website) all seem quite interesting to me, I listen to podcasts here and there but I’ve never really considered to start my own, so I’m eager to see how that goes! that I’m definitely looking forward to the learning process of the project as I feel it will help me improve on my own writing and research abilities inside or outside of school.

A research/shortcut tactic I’ve used time and time again is the York U E-resource, like scholar portals for example and reading them in depth. I’ve found them to be quite helpful when it comes to essay writing because of how easy it is to access them, plus as a film student, many of the resources such as journals or scholarly articles are more often than not available through there. What makes it limiting however is that you could tend to rely only on e-resources, hindering the chance to look for other sources like actual physical books for instance.