Phase One

Week One:

Hey everyone, my name is Ethan Sammy and I’m a first-year communication studies major here at york university. I discovered this course through the school's guidance office when they were helping me put my timetable together last summer. I remember discussing that I wanted a course that was entertaining but not over the top and gives me opportunities to dip my toe into the world of media and technology and this course was recommended. By the title of ‘Research for Professional Writers’, I was terrified because it sounded super intimidating, however, as soon as I was told that the end of the year summative was a podcast I was sold given that I listen to them every day. This being said I hope I get to learn a lot more about the world of podcasts and the research that goes behind them in hope of one day making my own or at least making myself sound more credible in the way I speak, think and write for the rest of my York career.

One of my go-to research tactics that I use for reading and writing projects is using Google scholar when it comes to finding articles. It gives me options of reputable sources that although some are scholarly, some are reputable non-academically meaning they could be trusted names like Huffington Post or Bloomberg.