Phase One

Week 2:

The Nature of Opinion

I find that knowledge cannot avoid being claimed as a matter of opinion. As I speak about this matter, this is my own opinion. While many of us may use facts or ideas in order to prove that an idea is not just an opinion, being able to compress multiple ideas as a way of proving an idea is “correct” can be taken as a form of opinion. “I want others to think this is right and just, so I will use examples to prove it is in fact right” - this does not make it right; it just means you want others you believe in what you find is right. Don’t get me wrong, that said idea may be right, but then won’t that just be my own opinion? Everyone has their own thoughts and mindsets, while knowledge is constantly around us to learn. Just as an example given in “is philosophy just a matter of opinion?”, if all opinions were equally good, then there would be no point in having doctors, since simply asking for medical advice would be just as fine. Why bother hiring an engineer, if anyone was just as capable of designing an airplane?

Even so, if this is the overall idea of “an opinion,” then no matter what, despite our toughest efforts to produce a “non-opinion related claim,” it is still our own matter of opinion overlapped with knowledge.

Week 1:

Hello everyone!

I’m Paola Toaquiza, a first year English & Professional Writing student at YorkU. When I was applying to universities, this program caught my eye immediately. My two passions have always been to read/write, along with painting. Despite aiming for a graphic design major in the past, I feel like I made the right choice on deciding on this program. I’m comfortable in this program, if that makes sense. After graduating high school, I took a gap year before applying for university, and in that year, I began to recognized my love for writing all over again. From poetry to short stories, I wanted to try them all. Since I pour my heart into anything related to writing and art (along with video games), a future combining all three, maybe in the game development business, would make me ecstatic. When I head that we would be developing a podcast, I was overjoyed. “Something I can make~” is what I thought, and although I have very little knowledge on podcasts themselves, having the chance to make such a project from this type of program, it’s very exciting.

A recent shortcut or tactic I have learned has to be the power of “key words.” Especially towards research-related papers that involve scholar articles, key words can be a gigantic change in what, or what not to use in a paper. Despite being a English & Professional Writing major, reading can be tiresome at times. By looking up key words through article searching, themes or topics related to your work can be found. Even so, it can often mix completely different topics together, so make sure to be direct on your research. One word searches are the best, but remember to read over articles, even if it is over 100 pages long, better safe than sorry.