Phase One

Week Four

The opinion piece I have chosen to work on is named, “The year vegan junk food went mainstream” published by Vox Rachel Sugar. The article discusses how vegan junk food has become more widespread and a popular option over the US.

Vegan junk food should not only be enjoyed by vegans, but also considered by carnivores. Although, vegan junk food is not beneficial for your health, it is a step forward to trying healthy vegan food. It should be considered if you are trying to make a difference about your body and the planet, even to show care towards animal-rights related reasons.

Now you may be thinking, I do not want to change my diet and become vegan. Which is very common for people due to all the responsibilities that come into hand when being vegan. As Rachel Sugar stated, to be vegan it is not simply a lifestyle choice but a statement of identity. You are declaring that you have enough time, energy, and resources to devote to the care and keeping of your restrictive diet. Also, underlining that you believe strongly in animal, ecological, or ethical-rights related reasons, that you are wiling to change how you eat, likely everyday, maybe forever.  

In order to perform these actions, challenging work and devotion must be portrayed. Some people may simply like the taste of meat or say that vegan food is terribly cooked and lacks spice and would never consider becoming vegan. Some may even say that it is very expensive and burns holes in your pockets. Many people have different outlooks on this situation depending on your thoughts.

Now vegan hamburgers and chick’n nuggets, like regular hamburgers and chicken nuggets, should not be a primary staple of anyone’s diet. It is still considered junk food but with a twist that leaves you satisfied knowing your meal did not contain any animal products. Becoming vegan is an effort you are trying to make to display a healthier lifestyle. Vegans get all the nutrients that they need to be healthy, such as plant protein, fiber, and minerals.

Social media has had a big part to play in the rise of the plant-based lifestyle. With Instagram having more than 800 million users, it is practically everyone’s favorite social media platform. Where influencers and celebrities share their daily life’s, which can practically influence people, which is one of the reasons why vegan food is on the rise today. Veganism is a hot topic and the number of Google searches worldwide and has also spiked in recent years according to BBC News.

There are many opinions when it comes to the topic of veganism. But, one thing for sure is that vegan food has been on the rise since previous years, with different American fast food companies creating vegan junk food options. There are many questions to why vegan food is beneficial, and I intend to unravel these causes. At the end of the day I want to prove that vegan junk food is not only for health nuts, at worst, it is one less meal that does not require a cow.


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Week Three

The piece “The year vegan junk food went mainstream”, is an opinion piece I have chosen to discuss and present a podcast about due to my interest in vegan and vegetarian food. This piece summarizes that vegan junk food is becoming mainstream and more widespread over the US. It has become a way for more people to become vegan with plenty of more eating options.

The argument consists of the author explaining that vegan junk food should not only be enjoyed by vegans, but also considered by carnivores. Although it has been proven that not all plant-based foods are necessarily beneficial for your health, but it should be considered if you are trying to make a difference about your body and the planet. It is not a statement for you to become vegan, but an effort for you to enjoy some vegan junk food and feel satisfied by knowing you are showing care towards ecological, ethical, or animal rights-related reasons.

The author of this piece, Rachel Sugar, who is vegan herself, expresses her thoughts and knowledge about vegan junk food becoming the next massive thing. She demonstrates her own personal opinions of how the current American diet is environmentally unsustainable. Some people dislike vegans, reasons being that they make others feel bad. People do not like their lives disrupted and others telling them what to do. That is what makes the rise of the mass-market vegan junk food so powerful. I think it’s a reflection of the younger generations, being more ethical consumers and potentially why it has gone mainstream. It is an option, evidence that vegan food is not only eaten by heath nuts.

Week Two

This week’s lecture has made me think in diverse ways. After analyzing the facts presented to us in lecture, I have learned that opinions are personal. An opinion is something everyone uses and carries out throughout their daily life. It differs from person to person and is not supported with any evidence. It is a bias that everyone holds. The nature of opinion expands from theories or concepts which comes from an individuals way of thinking. An opinion would have more hold of emotions. Based of emotions I can say that this is what controls our words. It can be said in many different ways, such as positively or negatively.

When differentiating between fact and opinion, an abundance of information must come into consideration. A fact is something that was been scientifically backed up with evidence. It is something that has been proven to be true, such as the world is round. An opinion on the other hand, is not scientifically proven, but instead an individual’s diverse way of thinking. It is all a matter of opinion.

Week One

Hello everyone,

My name is Riya and I am an English and Professional Writing major. I have always had an interest in reading and writing, so I believe this is the most suitable program for me. When I was deciding which program I should choose, this program stuck out to me and I decided to go for it. I am very glad I did because of my interests, everything fits perfectly. I am very outgoing person and always eager to learn more. My interests other than reading/writing are cooking/baking and I enjoy spending time with friends and family. The course project has made me both excited and nervous because I do not listen to podcasts, therefore neither am I familiar with them. I feel that in order to make a podcast I need to be familiar with them as well. So, because of this project I am going out of my comfort zone to listen and along the way discover and familiarize myself with different podcasts. I have never recorded my voice, so I am very interested to see how that turns out.

A research/shortcut tactic I’ve used is the search of “key words” that I learned in EN 1001. This tactic has allowed me to figure out the main terms of a scholarly article, which can then help me in the construction of the topic and theme. This technique really allows readers to capture a sense of topic. Even if  you did not read the passage, you can get an understanding of what the text is talking about.