Phase 1

Week 1

My name is Sophie Corbiere and I am in the English and Professional Writing program. I was born and raised in Toronto and I love the big city and the many diverse neighbourhoods it has. I went to French schools since kindergarten but my passion has always been in English Literature. I hope to become an author in the future. I graduated from high school in 2005, so I am a bit older than the typical University student but this means I have more life experience and motivation to do better as I know what the alternatives are and I am determined to achieve my goals now that I’ve been given a chance to pursue them. The idea of creating a podcast is very daunting to me but I am willing to go on the journey and I hope I learn skills that I might be able to use in my future career.

I love to read and write, listen to music and I love to travel. I’ve always been able to tell a good story-I love to weave together an intriguing story that entices your imagination and takes you to another place. I also love listening to a good story, the joy of getting lost in another life is thrilling. The good thing about living in a diverse metropolitan is that there is always someone with an interesting story if you have enough time and patience to listen.

Week 2

Week Two

The ‘nature’ of opinion is subjective, by definition. In Lecture Professor Bell defined an opinion as “a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge” and a matter of opinion as “something not capable of being proven either way”.

Therefore, an opinion is just someone’s personal beliefs, based on their lived experience which may or may not take into account facts about the chosen topic. It is subjective to each person’s world view which is based on many contributing factors such as race, culture, religion, political views, upbringing and so much more. It is however even more complicated because by this logic twins born and raised in the same household would be expected to have the same opinion on a given subject but this isn’t true by any means. An opinion can be shaped by so many different factors that it is almost impossible to name all of these influences.

Opinions are typically gut feelings, intrinsically inherent to our character, buried deep and forgotten until it is awoken by someone rattling its cage and forcing us to confront them. It is this deep critical thought, coupled with a curiosity for the truth, that is so important if we want to consider ourselves a free-thinking and independent society that doesn’t rely on the government or the media to control our thoughts and emotions.