Phase 1 - Introducing Me

My name is Ayesha Boison, a 19 year old, second-year student in the professional writing program. A born and raised Torontonian, with a background of Ghana. I love the colour blue, cheese, anime, kpop, music (not really country though, sorry), sleeping, eating and writing. I only realized I loved writing at some point in grade 10 of high school - all that time before I thought I was just a control freak about how things should be written. I especially love writing and reading fiction. There usually always wild and weird ideas for stories, characters, and worlds floating around in my head - sometimes even early in the morning like at 3 a.m. I aspire to become an author of young adult fiction - and are currently working on my first novel…

I am feeling absolutely topsy-turvy, nervous, anxious, and tongue-tied about this project.

A research tactic/shortcut that I think is commonly used by undergrads is only researching/using sources that aren’t academic, such as articles, anything that isn’t ‘peer reviewed’. This is helpful when students can’t really find academic sources for their topic, and mainly articles (magazine, news) are discovered quite easily and seem to have the info we want/need. This can be limiting because we aren’t expanding mush of our knowledge which can mostly happen with peer reviewed sources that have much more essential , in-depth, and critical information.

Week 2 - Opinionated

In Michael LaBossiere’s article he says that ‘philosophy begins with an opinion”, so perhaps it is safe to say that all knowledge begins with an opinion - mainly objective ones, and later it is either proven (becoming a fact) or denied with research. With subjective opinions (matter of opinions), it’s more so a personal judgement about something, and not something that can potentially become knowledge. It’s a distinctive belief that isn’t reasoned or supported with credible evidence, therefore it’d be easy to dismiss. Knowledge is indeed not ‘a matter of opinion’ at all - not possible really. Knowledge is facts, information, and skills discovered (at times stumbled upon as objective opinions), researched, and proven through experience or education. If all knowledge was ‘simply a matter of opinion’, the world would be quite misleading since, ‘everyone is entitled to an opinion’, and not all opinions are equally good, so it would be hard to tell the good opinions from the bad.

Week 3 - Fan-fiction in a Nutshell