Week One - Hello… Olá…

Hello everyone, 

My name is Lisa, I am 23 years old and I'm a first year student in Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian studies. My goal is to become a certified Portuguese translator. The whole reason I chose this field is because I love the Portuguese language and culture. I lived in a Portuguese island named S.miguel from the Azores for 11 years and just moved to Canada 5 years ago, but the traditions from back home will always be a huge part of my life. To keep the traditions alive in my life, I joined a Portuguese Folk dance group here in Canada, and the practices are what I always look forward to at the end of the week. Other than my whole cultural side, I also love reading, watching movies, watching shows, listening to music and singing along while listening. I’m also a crazy cat lady, well not like everyone imagines a crazy cat lady to be, but just a girl who loves cats, I brought 3 cats with me to Canada from the island I used to live at, because they are my furr babies. My family members say that I have a wild imagination because I can take one topic or word and make a whole scene or story off of it, and just start imagining the weirdest out of the box story, most of the times unrealistic stories, but still a story.

This course makes me a bit nervous because I know how hard its gonna be to get out of my comfort zone, but thats also what makes me excited about it, because it challenges me. I chose this course because research comes in handy in many aspects of life, not only for professional writers, and there is always room for learning more. When it comes to research tactics I am a bit of a newbie. Most research I do is through google, which can be difficult because of the deceptive information you can find there sometimes, so its always important to be careful, if possible, it would be best to find a direct credible web page to get the right information.

Week Two - Opinion… Opinions…

Having facts is good and makes topics credential, but having opinions makes things a whole lot more fun, specially in such a diverse country we live in. Seeing other people’s opinions helps us learn about them, and yes opinions can be biased but there are enough people in the world to cover both the ‘for’ and ‘against’ of each topic, we just need to learn how to accept that not everyone is gonna have the same opinion, because how boring would the world be if we did?

About knowledge only being based on facts, I don’t agree with that, I think opinions although subjective can be considered knowledgeable, but then again that is just my opinion. 

Week Three - in short… in conclusion… in brief…

The opinion piece I chose was “Love your body: Introduction” featured in Now Magazine, written by Michelle Da Silva. On this piece there are ten stories told by Torontonians on how they reached self-love, and what they went through to reach the mindset they have today. I chose to focus on one of those stories, which is the one told by Danielle d’Entremont. On this opinion piece the main claim is that although there has been some progress in inclusiveness, that we are far from reaching complete inclusiveness. In my own words, what she is trying to say is that we take two steps forward in the right direction to self-love and self-validation, but other problems come around and push us two steps back in the wrong direction. She believes that although there are many people trying to promote positivity and people trying to encourage self-love, there are still those who try to bring them down. And with the stories of these torontonians they are hoping to bring awareness to this topic and to open it up for conversation. 

The evidence they use for this piece is the debate opened by Doug Ford denying gender identity to trans and non-binary Canadians and how a professor called Jordan Peterson continued to preach narrow views on gender, the mention of online trolling and the online perpetuation of beauty ideals and promotion of unattainable bodies, but also the story of Danielle d’Entremont’s life experience on how long it took for her to be diagnosed with endometriosis because society didn’t validate her pain as a women. The doctors kept on dismissing her stating that it was just normal pain, and when they normalized it, she started to normalize it herself because of her lack of self-validation, ignoring her pain and believing what the doctor stated was “normal”. This piece is notably an opinion piece because of the reliance on life stories of ten people who may or may not have the same opinion or life experiences as to many people in the world or even in the city of toronto, causing it to be subjective. 

The author Michelle da Silva is a journalist who is said to be particularly interested in millennials, race, gender, mental health, which might have an impact on her bias and point of view on this topic, specially to defend people with mental health issues because of social degrading that cause lack of self confidence, and also in support to those who are being targeted because of their race or gender. 

This opinion piece is relevant in these times specially because of the impact that beauty standards and social media, and in particular social degrading has on a significant amount of people. In my opinion this opinion piece has potential to become part of an interesting podcast because the search for self-love and self-validation is not only an issue of the present times but also in past history.

Week 4 - Pitch Perfect

Lisa Raposo