PHASE ONE- Matter of opinion

Week 2

For the past few generation human being in power have been imposing their belief to rule society. This imposition of one's belief began an uprisal of individualism, where each human being shared a different opinion. Nowadays that society is filled with individualist; everyone carries a different belief or opinion that opposes another. So, as a society, especially our Canadian society, in order to avoid conflict we have chosen to view all beliefs as merely a matter of opinion. It would be wrong to assert that all knowledge is merely a matter of opinion because actually what is an opinion? An opinion is subjective, based off emotions and open to interpretation, physics is not is not based off emotions, and it is not opened to interpretation hence it would be wrong to assert that all knowledge is merely a matter of opinion. Above all, an opinion cannot be proven right, therefore certain things such as philosophy, and language, in general, is just a matter of opinion, but not all knowledge is a matter of opinion.


Hello Everyone! My name is Silja Mitange; I am 18 years old and a first-year student in the Professional Writing Program. I was born in Luanda, Angola ( it is in the southwest of Africa) but raised in Toronto, Canada (fun fact: I am fluent in both English and Portuguese.

Growing up, I always preferred language above all school subjects, whether it was English or Portuguese. I practiced musical theatre and dance throughout High school, but all of those skills were just hobbies to me, no matter the amount of positive feedback I received from all my instructors. Long story short,  I had an epiphany. Yes, at the age of 18! (I have had more in the past). I realized that I was unaware of the gifts that God placed within me ( I am also a follower of Christ). So, after studying both sciences and arts, I realized that it was time to leap into the unknown, trust in the Lord and use the tools he gave me to move forward, because believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, I was not going to major in the arts, let alone go to university. Now here I am, at York University habitually writing, The Lord is gracious, and I am grateful.

 Thereupon, I am excited to use my skills and gain more in return as we begin this project.