Opinions are something we all have: it is what makes up who we are as people. Everything from our values and our philosophy to our likes and dislikes are things that are true in our opinion. It’s interesting to also note that these opinions make up the facts of who we are. Me believing in God or me disliking mushrooms are my opinions but these are facts about me. 

The blog post about whether philosophy is an opinion is interesting. I feel like I don’t agree with what the author is saying, that philosophy is not an opinion. I would say that philosophy is an opinion of sorts. Yes, opinions are things that are backed up with facts and knowledge, but the overall idea is subjective, and everyone has a different opinion on it. For instance, the matter of free will versus determinism is one big philosophical idea. I could say I believe that everything is predetermined for us, and I could state the arguments that this view supports. However, there is still the fact that the other view exists, and this other view has its own arguments supporting it. These opposing sides both have truthful facts, yet people have their own opinion on what they feel is the right.


Hello! My name is Hannah and I am in second year doing English and Professional Writing. This year is when I switched into this major and I am really excited to see where this road will take me. I wouldn’t call myself a writer, but I do want to become one so I'm hoping somewhere along the line my writing skills will grow. I love books and reading (though I find that these days reading has been replaced with Netflix). I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic, but leave me in a mall for a couple hours and I am leaving there with a few bags.I love pop music, classical music and a little bit of show tunes, and I love podcasts! My favourite ones are Reply All by Gimlet Media and Serial by This American Life (I binged listened to this because the case of Adnan Syed was so interesting: I recommend to everyone!).

The course project is actually what drew me to taking this course (other than the fact that it is a required course for this major). I am always trying to find outlet for my creativity and I’m hoping that this could be one way for me to do that.

A research tactic that I use is to first start with getting to know my topic. I first do a simple Google search to get a better idea of what it is I am looking at and where to start digging deeper. After, I check the library databases to see what articles will come up. However, for me I always find that I never find anything useful in these databases; I think it’s a matter of using the right words, but I like using Google Scholar. I find my best articles come from there, as they search all different databases and you are not limited to looking through one at a time.