A Deeper Look at Shazam as a Company Written by David Layton

Shazam Entertainment Limited was founded in 1999 by Chris Barton, Philip Inghelbrecht, Avery Wang, and Dhiraj Mukherjee. Its sole app is a music identification service usable on computers and smartphones. During the apps infancy users would call a hotline, be charged and then have there song recognized based on a limited database. Today however the app works by using your devices microphone to capture the audio you are trying to identify. The app then creates an audio fingerprint based on that audio which it then compares to its database of over 11 million songs. This works on any recorded audio whether it's from the radio off a T.V show or in a commercial. Today shazam has more than 100 million active users and has expanded into other forms of media and shares partnerships with other major companies like Youtube, Itunes, and Spotify.