Milestones and Lessons

In a time where technology has taken over the world, I'd say I'm the most un-technological person there is. I know, I'm young; I should be good at these things. The truth is, I hate doing work on the computer. I hate online submissions, online website posting, and all that. So, my biggest problem was figuring out how the hell to create my podcast, and then how the hell to submit it where it needed to be submitted. I really wish I could write everything down on a piece of paper and then magically have everything fall into place. Unfortunately, things don't work like that. My biggest obstacle was probably overcoming technology. Technology was my biggest obstacle, but it was not my only obstacle. I also had a time problem. This is one of those projects where you have to start early, and you have to work hard from the beginning. I didn't do that. I had so many other things I had to do that I procrastinated and procrastinated until it was almost time for me to submit this blog post. Realistically, if I were to work on this project 15 minutes every single day from the day it was assigned to now, I probably would have finished with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, my brain is my biggest enemy. I knew what I had to do to be done on time, and I didn't do it. Rushing an assignment is never smart. Cramming is never the way to go. However, now that I begin to reach the end of my journey and look back at it all, I think it has been a fun trip. I learned so many new things through my peers, and also through myself. In a broader aspect of things, this assignment introduced me to a form of media that I didn't quite care for. Podcasts. Having learned all the effort that goes into making a podcast, I have grown a newfound respect for them. Should I ever have to create another podcast, I'll be sure to do everything I can to get out of it, because creating a podcast is no joke.