How to Think of a Podcast Idea

Now it seems that the title is self-explanatory. You sit down and think of an idea right, simple. But no, that is incorrect. This is a process that includes moving around, and it includes communication. This is what I have learned about coming up with an idea.

Part 1: Interest

When someone asks you what you are interested in, think hard. What they are doing is trying to get you to realize that you do have interests and you’re not as boring as you assume yourself to be. Also they know that there is no way you will be able to focus on, and complete a three month research project on something you don’t give a rat’s…. well you know, about.

Part 2: Connections

Now for this project we were supposed to connect whatever our interest was to ICT. This was one of the hardest parts, and this changed many aspects of the project. Whether one changed their topic idea, or they changed what questions they were going to ask, or they changed what they wanted to find out. In this part of the process, something changed. So instead of fearing it, embrace it and make your topic better and more interesting then it was before. Or in my case, less interesting.

Part 3: Research

Now that you have an idea and have connected it to ICT, research your idea and see if it is possible to find anything on it. If not, well see what comes up the most and change your topic idea to that. For example, I started off with Technology and Student motivation, was technology allowing students to be lazy. Since that is a hard topic to research and since I only have about four weeks left. I have changed my topic to the impacts and affects of bringing advanced technology into the classroom.

That my peers, is the process of thinking of an idea for a research project which will be turned into a 15 minute podcast. All I can say in conclusion is, good luck.