Difficulties in creating a podcast

By: Richie Ly

Creating a podcast isn't as easy as it looks. Deciding on my topic was the most difficult decision in this entire process of producing a podcast due to all the options that were out there. The problem I ran into a couple of times was just being able to narrow my topic down enough so that it wasn't broad and even once I did that, I had to decide whether or not it interested me enough to do research on it for several months. Having a list of options made the situation easier because I scratched off what I knew wouldn't work and narrowed it down from there. I think once you have chosen your final topic, everything can be jump started.

Some resources that can be helpful for novice podcasters would certainly be Google Scholar, Google, or even library databases. Google Scholar would be helpful in the sense of getting professional and academic information about your topic to further your understanding on it. You want to know if academic students are talking about your issue and at what capacity. Google would also help in terms of seeing if there are news articles, magazine articles, or even if your topic is mentioned on the news. You could dig even deeper to gather as much information as possible in order to create the best possible podcast that's not only reliable, but entertaining.

The podcast industry has really taken a different turn from years past as you can now sell your own podcasts; if people enjoy it, they'll pay to listen to it. Advertising has also been linked to podcasts because the people making them can profit even more by adding a 30 second advertisement in between breaks of the show. You can see the pattern of money being the drive for podcasts in every aspect and it's understandable. There are now different genres that have appeared such as comedy, educational, sports, and even talk podcasts. It wouldn't be a surprise if over the next few years, we see and hear more about podcasts.


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