Podcast Tips

Written By: Bianca Mazziotti

This podcast assignment was very difficult for me. The fact that everything was supposed to be submitted near the end gave the illusion that I had a lot of time. I wasted that time. I personally find it difficult to work on one assignment for months because I love the satisfaction of handing something in and being done with it and then starting something new.      

 However, I did really like my topic and I was really interested in looking deeper into something that I wouldn’t have otherwise. At the beginning I felt that it was a lot to take on. As the process continued it was made to seem like it was easy, like I could do this. With this newfound confidence, I slacked. Near the end I realized I didn’t have a lot done, and all of a sudden this assignment seemed so much bigger than it did at the starting.  

So the number one tip I would give to students starting this course is plan ahead and make sure you work on this course a little bit each week. Don’t go weeks without working on this course and then get to the end and have a panic attack because you have to get everything done, and you don’t really know how to do it because you also didn’t go to every class. So don’t be me. Or do it and try to fight the urge to stab your self in the eye. Never mind don’t do that either.

I would say that the one thing that did make my life a little easier was that I actually liked my topic. So don’t be an idiot and pick something that you don’t like because you have to work on it for months and even working on a topic that I did like was still exhausting. I know it may seem like I didn’t like this class but I actually enjoyed having this opportunity to create a podcast because I wouldn’t have thought to do that on my own.

Another tip I could lend to new students taking this class is to ask for help when you need it. I know how hard this can be as someone who thinks that she can do everything by herself and she doesn’t need anyone even when she is struggling to stay afloat. I surprised myself by asking for some extra help and it really paid off and made me feel more confident with what I was trying to accomplish. So when the teacher or your T.A. says to ask for extra help when needed. DO IT. It’s not like a joke or something they literally will help you. I know I was shocked too.

So if you’re starting this assignment just breathe you can do it and don’t worry about it. If you utilize your time wisely unlike me, ask for help and really put in the work you will succeed in this class.