Artificial Intelligence

Written By: Bianca Mazziotti

What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is when the product that is produced can operate on its own without any human assistance. These products are computerized systems that perform tasks that require human intelligence. These machines have the ability to imitate human behavior such as: making decisions, recognizing language, being able to visually see what is around them, and having the ability to translate between languages. In Techopedia’s article about artificial intelligence it describes what the machine must understand before becoming artificially intelligent:

Machine learning is another core part of AI. Learning without any kind of supervision requires an ability to identify patterns in streams of inputs, whereas learning with adequate supervision involves classification and numerical regressions. (Techopedia)

Examples of artificial intelligence are certain websites like Cleverbot. Cleverbot allows you to talk to it and have a conversation. Another example is when you phone a business or call-center and it has an automated voice. The voice understands your answers (most of the time) and it connects you to the right person that is best suited to help you out. Everyone has an artificial intelligence device if they own an iphone and that is Siri. Siri can help you navigate through your phone easier and also answer your questions on just about anything.

Artificial intelligence is being used more often and it is starting to take jobs from humans, because they do not mess up as much as we do. Therefore, in the future, robots will be taking over many of our jobs and being more successful at them than we are.




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