My Research Process

Written by Afe Iyorah

The research process for my topic required me searching about behavioural recognition systems and the use they will pose in the 21st century. First I wanted to find out what these systems actually did and how they did it, so I looked to the leading company called BRS Labs, which is stationed in Germany. I was able to get an in depth analysis on everything I needed to know about this technology, from its technical aspects to where and how it is being used around the world. Next I spent a lot of time researching the major transformation this technology would cause in the way we do research. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that BRS is going to revolutionize surveillance. It is bound to have a major impact on the way we collect and process data, but the question of how that data is used brought me to my next research question. I wanted to know about the possible implications this technology would have on society. I thought this would be a great avenue to begin looking for more scholarly sources regarding the issues of surveillance and privacy concerns. I used Google Scholar to discover that many experts in the field are discussing how the technological advancement of surveillance is causing an every growing threat for the privacy of many Americans. I also looked for the opinions of popular sources to aid in my research. I created a questionnaire to discover the general public’s view on this issue, and I also interviewed somebody who works in the area of behavioral identification to find out his views on my topic.