[Gaming] And Yet There Is More...

Gaming branches out into many subtopics: mental effects, verbal effects, heated debates with multiple questions, visual effects, physical effects, long and short term effects, advantages and disadvantages. The list evidentially draws upon a lot of subtopics that I couldn’t fit into the general question and argument of my podcast. However, this was a good thing for me as I had a lot to choose from when it came to selecting details and researching what it is that I wanted to include into my podcast.

Some of the things I did not get to include in my podcast was the more advanced professional usages of gaming. When researching my topic, I came across various articles that touched and explored the more advanced usages of gaming.

I found out that gaming is actually used for military training. It allows militants to become more aware of weapon sounds, the way weapons look and for training to help militants increase their reflexes. I also found that many surgeons use gaming to help them gain precise hand movements and stop them from shaking when performing complex surgical procedures. The gaming helped them react precisely and at designated moments. I found an article that looked at how “Surgical training is rapidly evolving because of reduced training hours and the reduction of training opportunities due to patient safety concerns. There is a popular conception that video game usage might be linked to improved operating ability especially those techniques involving endoscopic modalities. If true this might suggest future directions for training” (Jeremy Lynch). The article leads to explain how human error is very common and how surgeons cannot be risking lives to practice on these very sensitive surgeries. In terms of the military training, I found a paper that discusses the topic of how “MMPGs are being considered as platforms for future training.” These two topics lead and branched out to the process of surgery and the educational process in which needs to be taken to become a surgeon or be in military which caused me to stray away from my main topic however were extremely interesting!

There is always so much to learn! The beauty of researching information.