The New Privacy Policy

Written by: Natasha Douglas

What have you heard about Spotify’s new privacy policy? Well, in case you missed it, Spotify came out with a new policy that created confusion and controversy amongst its users. It was buried in such a copious amount of legal jargon that the only discernible components was the fact that information was being taken; whether or not it was being taken with user consent was the issue that created controversy.

Spotify’s original privacy policy boasted statements such as, “Depending on the type of device that you use to interact with the Service and your settings, we may also collect information about your location based on, for example, your phone’s GPS location or other forms of locating mobile devices (e.g., Bluetooth). We may also collect sensor data (e.g., data about the speed of your movements, such as whether you are running, walking, or in transit).”

This understandably was not received well by users who began questioning what Spotify was doing with the information they were collecting and why it was needed. CEO, Daniel EK, attempted to clear up some misconceptions, stating in a blog post on Spotify News, that, “In our new privacy policy, we indicated that we may ask your permission to access new types of information, including photos, mobile device location, voice controls, and your contacts. Let me be crystal clear here: If you don’t want to share this kind of information, you don’t have to. We will ask for your express permission before accessing any of this data – and we will only use it for specific purposes that will allow you to customize your Spotify experience.”

The post continues to address the areas of information gathering that concerned users, such as photos, location, voice, contacts, and sharing. Daniel Ek has stated that the concerns were heard, instigating an update to the privacy policy, which should further reflect all clarifications made.

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