A Closer Look At Hoarding

Written By: Kendra Saxton

People who “hoard” things whether it be food, clothing or any other item often have extreme difficulty letting them go. They usually buy a large amount of these items and feel sad thinking about getting rid of anything. Many people feel as if they need every single object and they have it for a reason. They shop compulsively and believe they need to keep these items because they think it will be valuable later on in life.

The objects may also have sentimental value or they need it to remember something or someone significant. People who are hoarders experience a diminished quality of life as their homes are cluttered and unsafe (Neziroglu, 2015).

People also get confused as to whether or not hoarding is the same as collecting, but it is not. Collectors are proud of their possessions and keep them very organized, while hoarders are embarrassed to have others see their items and feel very ashamed of their living spaces (Neziroglu, 2015).


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