How Online Dating Ruins Romance

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Finding love is a difficult process for many. Searching for a partner can be a conflicting experience that involves loneliness, rejection, and uncertainty. This may require individuals to attend social gathering, blind dates, and frequent visit to night bars and clubs in order to meet that special someone. Through awkward conversations and embarrassing interactions, dating becomes a problematic issue for many individuals. Therefore, others approach an alternative way of dating through the online world.

The role of online dating has become a revolutionary development that alters the process of dating. The world of cyber dating allows users to easily contact other potential love mates within a larger dating pool. According to The Guardian article, “Is Online Dating Destroying Love”, apart from meeting through mutual friends, online dating is the second most common way of starting a relationship.Online dating efficiently allows users to encounter other individuals that are also seeking for love.Through the internet, users gain a wider range of choices and opportunity to encounter members within or outside their location in just a click away. Users seek online dating sites in order to select partners that best meet their standards.The moment of casual, unexpected interaction are replaced with a well device pairing of likes and interest. Through detailed profiles and algorithmic patterning individuals are match with other members that share high level of compatibility.

However, many if not most may argue that online dating has actually ruin the old traditional way of dating. Through the internet, user’s information is provided in advance, therefore eliminating any “first date jitters”. Online dating sites provide opportunity for users to communicate and get to know each other prior to arranging a face- to- face meeting. Thus, online dating no longer allows individuals to experience extreme nervous anticipation before the first encounter. Thus, individuals lose the curiosity and excitement of meeting their potential partner and experiencing a spontaneous dating experience. Individuals are aware of what to expect from their partners, therefore loses the butterfly feeling and element of surprise when meeting them. The romantic feeling of allowing two people to meet naturally based on chance rather than an internet set up. Through the cyber world, individuals lose the romance in dating that allow them to independently find love on their own and spark up their own relationship.

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