PC Paganism vs. PC Magic

Written By: Rachael Stone

Both Pop Culture Paganism (PC Paganism) and Pop Culture Magic (PC Magic) have similar traits, but there are some important differences. PC Paganism is a religion, while PC Magic is a practice. As an article on Motherboard says, “magick does not require subscribing to any particular religion, and some pagans do not actively practice magick as part of their spirituality.” (Tiara, “The Pop Culture Pagans”)

Therefore, not everyone who follows PC Paganism will practice PC Magic, and vice-versa.

Someone may use movie lines in a spell, but may not worship the characters of that movie for example. Similarly, someone may pray to a tv show character but not practice any magic, so wouldn’t use ideas of the tv show for spells.

However, sometimes both PC Paganism and PC Magic are combined, which can lead to some confusion in defining them. For instance, a PC Pagan may use aspects of pop culture in rituals such as calling upon a character to help them find courage, which may involve using PC Magic.

Lastly, both PC Paganism and PC Magic often face ridicule for being “fake”. (“Pop Culture Paganism: An Introduction”)

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